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NOTE: Before you read this, Please read my SoMa, KiRona, and B*SXTsu stories before reading. THANKS! :D

Days until wedding: 4 days

"Well, big days soon aye Soul?" Black*Star asks, his friend lounged on his own couch. The friends had decided to spend one last day together before the big wedding day. Soul stretches and yawns.

"Yep. Nervous as you can freaking imagine." He mutters, looking at the ceiling as he moved his eye from the T.V. "REALLY NERVOUS…" He moans covering his face with his hands.

"You alright man?" Black*Star asks. Soul sits up to sit on the couch normally, rubbing his hands.

"Just… Maka marrying a guy like me ya know? Why she'd even-" Soul rambles.

"Bro, don't think about it. You and Maka are having the largest wedding in the history of the city! And your wedding planner…" Black*Star says rubbing his forehead right as the door from the other room shoots open. Kid, in his death robe attire, bursts in with a stack of books and papers. "Is Lord Death himself…" He moans, Kid dropping the papers and books on the table.

"OK, I found this beautiful flower errangement. It is perfect!!!!" Kid luls as he props next to Soul and showing him the book. Soul pushes it away and slumps back on the couch.

"That's the Mrs. concern Kid." He growls, Kid looking over.

"Wait… one of those flowers doesn't have the same amount of pedals as another… GARBAGE!" He yells, throwing the book out the window.

"You need therapy…" Black*Star grunts, Kid looking back with a scowl.

"Had you let me organize your wedding, it would have been PERFECT. BUT NOOOOOO!!! Look at me! I'm getting married in a drive by chapel in Vegas!!" Kid yells, Star getting in his face.

"ATLEAST IM A SINGLE REAPER WHOS GOING TO BE ALONE HIS WHOLE LIFE!" Black*Star yells, Kid sinking back in his seat. Black*Star sighs and face palms. "Crap Kid. I'm sorry. I wasn't even-" He begins to apologize. Kid picks up a book and grin, flipping through.

"So, now for what the groomsmen will wear. " He says. Black*Star sighs, sitting back in the armchair.

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS FUNNY!" Liz cackles, looking through the old photos of the group. "Seriously Maka, what were you thinking with the pony tails?" She laughs alongside Patty. Maka looks up from her book, irritated and red faced.

"Says the girl who's just the bridesmaid." Maka mocks with a grin. Liz's face becomes Maka's past look, to Maka's enjoyment.

Maka, Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki sat around Tsubaki and Black*Stars apartment, doing as the boys were doing with one more girls day before Maka was married.

"Its funny how everything's happening. You two marrying your own Meisters, while me and Patty are stuck as nothing more than teachers at DWMA." Liz mutters, flipping through a magazine, tired of the old year books.

"Well, if you two would actually try to find yourselves a man-" Maka taunts.

"Don't listen to Maka Liz. Its perfectly normal for a woman to be unmarried in here 30s." Tsubaki interrupts, her hair in a towel and Patty doing her nails.

"Says the girl who's married to DWMA's weapons head, and as weird as it is, voted hottest guy of the year." Liz mutters, holding up the magazine that showed Black*Star in a dramatic pose.

"The only reason Black*Star won was Soul didn't return before the voting started." Maka taunts, smiling at a picture of Soul and her she found in the yearbook.

Tsubaki looks over to Maka, and grins herself. "You two sure have been through a lot to this point. Its just good its finally happening." She says, Maka smiling wider and blushing.

"I know… ever since he came back, I just can't stop thinking of him. If this is what love feels like, I never want it to end." Maka focuses on the photo of her and soul. She throws the book to the side with a look of disgust, shocking the others.

"Maka, are you ok?" Liz asks.

"I'm good. Going to refill my drink." Maka storms off, slamming the kitchen door behind her.

"The hell?" Liz mutters, looking into the book. "Oh…" She mutters, showing the picture to Patty and Tsubaki.

Maka and Soul sat on a picnic table, smiling at the camera as Maka rested her head on Soul's shoulder. In the background though, which the catches the girls eyes, stood a smaller boy with unruly silver hair like Soul, eyes looking at Maka as he walked by.

"Damn. Isn't that Rein?" Tsubaki asks, to which Liz nods in a agreement.

"Yeah, that's the bastard. Can't believe how much trouble that freak actually caused us all. Trying to kill Kid, Soul, Black*Star. And because of that bastard Cro…" Liz looks away, holding back a tear. "Because of that bastard we lost Crona..."

The wind blew softly. Death the Kid looked over the hillside cemetery; the sun setting made the view beautiful. He sat next a tombstone, almost as though there was someone next to him.

"It's a beautiful view huh? I always tell you this, but I thought you'd like the view. Get to see the sun just before it sets so you have the last bit of light." Kid says, his voice softening after every word. He looks to the tombstone, reading the words for what felt like the millionth time:

A friend, Meister, and love until the end of time.

"Crona… " Kid mutters, cringing as he tries to speak. "I… I miss you…" He says, choking on tears again. He remembers Black*Star's words of how he would be alone the rest of his life. It was true. He never really tried to move on after Crona died. He looks to Crona's tomb. Was he ready? "You'd… want me to wouldn't you?"

No response from the tomb. Was he going so mad he was expecting some sort of reply?

"No… that would be mad…" Kid stands, removing a pink rose from his coat pocket. "As normal… a pink rose on the same day of every year." He states, placing the rose on the tomb. He wipes his eyes, turning back to the sunset. "Same time next year?" He walks onward, back to the dutys of a reaper.

In the descending night, a shadowed figure in a cloak spawns behind the grave. It removes a walkie talkie from its pocket, brining it to its ear.

"He's as broken as you said boss. Even for a Shinigami, hes weak…" The figure hisses, sharp teeth gleaming in the descending suns light.

"Excellent. Return to base, we must begin for the ritual if we want our extra weapon…" The voice on the walkie replies.

"Righty oh boss." The cloaked figure states, disappearing into the dark.
So... ENJOY! :D

Prologue: [link]

Chap 2: [link]

-I do not own Soul Eater nor its Characters. All are owned by Atsushi Okubo. This is just a fanfic. Ok? Good XP
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Ritsu:pull yourself together don't want that person to see you cry...

For once you said something not scary
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