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A young grey haired man walks down the street, with a bag over his shoulder in hand. He looks up and sees the grinning sun, it always creeped him out, and especially with the day to come, it was no real comfort. He walked past the townspeople, as though even as if nothing ever changes in a world you leave, or return to. The man looks at the train times, nothing leaving until 3:30, another hour. He walks into the train station, ready to leave this world behind.

"God… why…" Maka cries, crunching into a ball on her bed. She was finally fully awaken. She had when Soul was speaking. She had heard the song, but was still unable to move to sit up, but she wishes she could have. "Where is he? Is he still here?" Maka frantically asks to the group. Liz and Tsubaki look to Kid and Star, who both look down, avoiding the crying girl in the bed.

"He… didn't believe you'd wake up." Kid says, scratching the back of his neck.

"Souls gone Maka. He left. I'm…" Star says, finally looking up, his words bringing more tears to Maka.

"Why didn't you two stop him?" liz barks, clenching her fists.

"I TRIED! YOU THINK I ACTUALLY JUST LET HIM WALK OUT THE FREAKING DOOR?!?" Black*Star yell, his head shooting up with an enraged look.  

Maka looks down, at the song stained in her tears. 'Soul… why… do you have to leave when I need you most…' She says in her mind. 'Why do men always hurt others…' She bares her teeth to the thought. Her father, Rein… and now Soul was going for good.

"I need to stop him." Maka states, sliding out of he hospital bed. As her feet touch the ground, she almost falls to her face, luckily gaining balance before she did so. "Damn. Could someone help me get dressed?" She asks, looking at her worried friends expressions.

"Maka, you are not yet fully healed-" Tsubaki states before Maka falls forward, grabbing the arm of the bedside chair to catch herself.

"I'LL HEAL AFTER I FIND THAT IDIOT!" Maka screams, wiping the tears that had come out. "Now come on… I'm not losing him again." She says, limping to a bag with her clothing.

"NEXT TRAIN TO CALIFORNIA LEAVES IN 30 MINUTES" A rerecorded voice of a monotone women rang through the busy train station.

A silver haired man sat alone on a bench. Ticket in hand and his bag to his side. 30 minutes. 30 minutes and he'd be gone for good. The city where the love of his life layed in her coma, and in one weeks time he'd become a monster. He sighs deeply, standing as the train pulled in for its passengers to board.

"Where could he be?" Black*Star mutters, driving like a madman. He looked up to Kid, who was riding his hover board, looking over the city. "See him Kid?" Star asks over a communicator.

"No. But man, searching for that idiot sure is funner than organizing paper work." Kid mutters, sensing  and looking out for Soul.

"Coming from you? OCD king?" Star mocks, to Kids scoff.

"Love symmetry, hate paperwork…" Kid mutters, before he finally senses it. "I GOT HIM!" Kid yells into the com, making Star jump at the driver seat. Maka, who had sat in the back, overhears and rips the headpiece from Star's ear, putting it to her mouth.

"WHERE? WHERE!??!?!" She yells, scaring Kid to almost make him fall off his board.

"Train station…." Kid mutters, cleaning his ears from the ringing.

"HIT THE GAS STAR!!! NOW!!!" Maka screams to the driver, who mashes on the gas to get to the train station.

"Would you like a beverage sir?" A young waitress asks to a man sitting in his seat, who had his cheek resting on his palm looking out the trains window.

"Huh? Oh… no thank you." The young man mutters, looking lazy eyed at the woman before looking back to the window. He felt the pain growing in his chest. He'd been so used to it, he didn't care. He'd at this point wished it'd end sooner than later.

Sighing, he reaches for his bag, opening it. Empty, besides a few dirty clothes he would possibly clean at a laundry mat when he got to California. Something caught his eye though. He had sworn he'd never seen it in his life, having kept the bag with him almost at all times, he would've known what it was. A small black box, similar to the one he had kept the song he had read Maka. He reached in the bag and examined it, before opening it, making his eyes wide. A note fell out, making him rushingly grab it, unfolding it to his wide eyes.

"Don't forget why you came here in the first place…. Octopus head."

"Dang it…" He grunts. He looks down, sighing but grinning. "Spirit… you son of a…" He mutters rubbing his forehead. "What am I doing?" He questions himself, grabbing his bag and preparing to get off, before he faceplants. "The hell… NO!" He yells, looking out the window to the train was in motion.

"COME ON! MOVE! OUT OF MY WAY!" Maka yells, pushing trough the doors to the train stations open as hard as possible. The others get to the doors as Maka holds her open palm up, stopping them.

"Maka, what the?" Star asks as Maka stands, blocking them.

"This is between me and Soul. I'm stopping him from leaving myself. I have to." She mutters, making Star cringe.

"But… What if he doesn't?" Star mutters, before Maka nods, trying to smile. Star sighs and gives a thumbs up. "Go get that guy to come back. Might want to mention your bed one or twice." He chuckles. Maka turns and runs into the station, shoving her way to get to the board of departures.

"Where could he be… wait… damnit…" She mutters, not knowing which train he had gotten on. "Damn…" She groans, running alongside the trains, hoping to see silver hair in one of the windows. "SOUL!! SOUL!!" She cries, hoping to hear his voice coming from one of the ready to depart trains. "SOOUUUULLLL!!!" She screams, as the trains take off, no one exiting or seeing a single strand of grey hair.

Maka falls to her knees, wide eyed. He was gone. No way he got off that train, or heard her. She watches the trains leave, never to know which one he was on. Reaching into her pocket, she curses softly, again reading the song.

"So little time…. Together… you son of a-" she mutters, before a shadow covers her from behind.

"Hey." A voice calls from behind, making her turn. "See you finally woke up. Sorry I missed it." Soul says, dead faced with a bruise on his cheek. She stares at him, to his curiousity. "This? Either from the fight with Rein, or me falling facefirst off a moving train." He mutters, slyly grinning.

"Soul… you…" Maka mutters, smiling. Soul smiles wide, before feeling tremendous pain in his head, curtiousy of a Maka Chop. "YOU DUMB ASS!!!" Maka roars as Soul rubs his now bruised head.

"Been 13 years since you gave me one of those… oww…" Soul mutters. Maka stands, eyes dead locked with his.

"You piece of… god… " she mutters, looking him in the face. "First you leave, then you cme back, then you try to leave again and act like nothing happened." She mutters, slapping him in the face. "WHAT GAME ARE YOU PLAYING EVANS?!?!?" She yells, Soul rubbing his face. "WELL?!?!?" She yells, throwing her hand back for another slap, Soul catching her hand.

"CUT IT OUT BEFORE YOU PUT ME BACK IN THE HOSPITAL!!" Soul yells, making Maka look away. "I decided to stay." He mutters, looking at her angery pouting face. "I… damn… this stuff never goes the way I want it to huh?" He mutters, scratching his neck.

"Why… oh, 'FOR ME' right? Or are you just playing Evans?" Maka scoffs, somewhat sounding flirty to Soul. Making him both feel bad, and oddly turned on. Soul stuufs his hand in his pocket and sighs.

"They tell you? About the-" Soul asks, looking down.

"The black blood? Yes… you shouldve said something." Maka mutters, now looking up at Soul.

"I was… then Rein… and… I just thought I'd be better off dying in battle then dying a monster. But I couldn't after you almost di… after you were hurt saving me. I wanted to live." Soul says, looking up, glossy eyed possibly from the tears his eyes had harbored all these years.

"Soul… if your dying…" Maka says, reaching for his open hand. "I want you to die here… with us… and me." She says, softly smiling. Soul grins, and takes his hand that was in his pocket out, and holding Maka's hand in both of his.

"I am dying Maka… there is no doubt. And… I would like my last time alive… be here." Soul says, finally grinning. "And… I should tell you…. I should tell you the REAL reason I came back." He says, putting his hand back in his pocket, taking the small black box he had found in his bag. "Maka… I came back to Death City… because I knew I had little time, and I wanted to know one thing before that time came." He says, looking at Maka's wide green ees through his lengthy grey hair.

"Soul…?" Maka says, mouth going numb, along with the rest of her body.

"I asked Spirit, your father, for his blessing to ask…." He says, opening the box. "If you'd be willing to spend a few weeks as Mrs. Soul Eater Evans before I bite the dust." He says, smiling to Maka cusping her mouth in shock.

"Soul… I… I don't know what to… I mean… oh god…" Maka rambles. Soul closes his eyes, knowing if he died now, hearing her say those two words-

"I can't…" Maka says, making Soul's head shoot up.

"Huh?" Soul mutters, wide eyed.

"I… I can't marry you. I'm sorry." Maka says, looking away. Soul shakes, looking down at the box, then away. Soul had felt his heart brake, but he was sure it was shattered.

"Oh… Ok… I understand. That's… damnit its not cool!!!" Soul yells, shaking in tears. Maka grins, touching his cheek. Soul looks at her, his sharp teeth almost drawing blood as he bit his lip.

"Let me explain… I lost you once Soul, and it killed me. More than you know. If I say yes, dying or not, I want to be with you until that day comes, no leaving early or clocking out before you need to. Deal?" She asks, giving her quirky smile, with a bit of tounge sticking out.

"You crazy freaking-!" Soul yells, lifting Maka by her waist and spinning her in the air. "I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! HAHA!!!" Soul cackles as Maka giggles. "HEY YOU LOSERS!!! THIS COOL GUY IS MARRYING MAKA ALBARN!!! HAHA!!! AND IF HE EVER LEAVES HER AGAIN, SHE'LL KILL ME!!!" He yells in joy, laughing between the tears of joy. He squeezes her tight, not wanting to let go. Maka hugs Soul around his neck, being as happy as her love was.

"YES!!!!!!" Two voices yell. The two look and swear to see two people, a long-haired blonde women and spikey blue haired man be pulled from out of sight. The two chuckle to the sight. Even after all these years, one thing was the same… this city… there friends… and their love.


"And that's what happened, in full detail. I'm sure you honestly don't care, but you always asked what brought us together. Maybe when your older you'll get what love means, real love. I can't describe it myself, but its good, and bad. Love makes people happy and feel like there is no tomorrow. That if today was their last day, they had what they needed.

Then there is the other side of it, the hurt. Love almost always (mostly always) creates hurt. Whether it was intended or accidental, it will happen. Its depressing, because without someone to love. Some move on, to another way to feel love (Being sure it's a healthy form of love.) but others, life seems empty, and as if there is no reason to really go on. They become stubborn, and angry. Almost a danger to others, and themselves. But, what I hope you learn from this, is no matter how alone you feel or how unloved you feel, there is SOMEONE who loves, or cares about you. I guess you cans say I was almost to late… but you know, I found it out. And… maybe that's why I'm alive today to write this for you.

I love your mother very much, and though this may seem a very depressing story… at least one thing good came out of it. You. Well, im going to go tuck you in with your mother. Goodnight, my little… 2nd love. ☺

Put an epilogue in... but not done yet ;).... Maybe XP haha ENJOY!!!

Last Chapter: [link]

-I do not own Soul Eater nor its Characters. All are owned by Atsushi Okubo. This is just a fanfic. Ok? Good XP
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